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INVOICE (you can call in an order or email it to me)

Call 954 353-6876 (9 am to 9 pm EST) or email at:           ttp2014.tp@gmail.com 


All spaces must be completed in order to fill your order. If you can’t type on form copy it and paste it in an email then fill it out in the email. We accept the following cards: All debit cards/Visa/Master card/Discover/American express.

Name on credit or debit card (spell exactly as appears on card)


Check one: __visa    __master card  __discover  __american express

Billing address and zip code (the exact address you pay your bill to)



Full credit card number (all digits)


Security code on back of card (3 digits) and expiration date on front of card

Security code ______  Expiration date_______________

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Item(s) name you wish to purchase. Make sure you write painting for “painting orders and print next to item for prints orders.”



Quantity of each piece. Paintings ____  Prints ______

Your debit or credit card will be charged and a receipt will be sent to you by email with full amount of your purchase(s) including shipping charges.

Disclaimer: These are one of a kind original works. Once you’ve received them there will be “no refunds”. Shipped merchandise are the only purchases that will be determined  by Thad Pinder if damage occurred doing shipping.  Adjustments will be considered ONLY after careful examination by Thad Pinder . Thad Pinder reserve the right to continue selling prints of all one of a kind originals that have been sold.